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OK...mid June

Garden is under control and I finally got back to fibre.

I do have a quilt on my longarm destined for the Royal City Quilt Guild outreach program and it's taken some brain cycles to decide how to quilt it. It's essentially an underwater picture.

I'll post the results when it'd done.

Yesterday, my friends and I dabbled in some wet felting. Nuno felting to be exact.

I hadn't done any wet felting for several years and basically abandoned it in favour of the dry needle felting that gave me my luscious bears!

(My Brother-in-law in BC now owns my big Grizzly. I'm glad he chose that one.)

But Nuno felting is a little different.

The goal in wet felting is to bond the fibres into a dimension piece, a rectangle or square that either has a picture of an abstract of colors. Or create a piece of wool 'cloth' to be used in a design.

The aim in Nuno felting is to coax the wool fibres through a substrate of silk, or a loose weave material, cotton or cheesecloth. And the amount of wool that is 'attached' is carefully limited as the aim is to finish with a new material that is still soft with gentle drape, such as a scarf.

Whisps of fibre are added at a time and to both sides creating a sandwich of wool and silk.

I took some pictures yesterday and am waiting for my friends to send me shots of their work after it had dried.

We had fun and it got me interested again in a material and methods I had just played with.

Here is my effort after drying.

The two pictures show the wool didn't travel through the silk gauze as hoped for.

Just not enough time to work it properly.

And not showing at it's best on a hardwood floor.

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