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New Teaching Landscape

For several years I've eyed an art piece of a derelict cabin in the woods. This had the same vibes as one I saw many years ago in a meadow in BC. I never started the one in BC as there wasn't enough around it to make it interesting. This newer, uncredited view had it all.

I happen to like vertical, primarily as it does justice to the trees.

I'm doing a workshop in early May so I thought I would take along some samples of the process, as well as make a video for future workshop needs.

Yesterday I dove in and started four separate versions. For the colour blocking step I did a quick search through my pieces of painted fabric I found one large piece, stormy enough and big enough for four skies and another for the ground.

These four pieces are similar in intent and different enough to ensure the pieces will not be carbon copies of each other or the original.

Then I started making a pattern for the cabin. It will constructed in pieces, but the scale was the most important issue.

Now to find some interesting and varied brown fabric.

Only two scenes of four will have the cabin added.

Same but different.

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