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New Ideas - The Grand River Project

While there is still a lot of things that I'll test in order to finish the Myriorama piece, I was pulled away by another project.

The Indigenous groups in my area of Ontario are working on a public offering that will, next year, celebrate the Grand River. I was asked to contribute a 'quilt' block. After playing with a number of concepts it was time to test an idea. I want to create a 10 inch block showing an ancient Willow tree similar to those found along the length of the river.

I was gifted some old lace, tatting I think, that had branches of leaves scattered throughout it's body. After testing some green inks on the greyed materials I cut out as many suitable pieces as I could colour.

This morning I played with mounting ideas: how to create a branch that isn't stitched down, one that sways in the wind.

Using a fine thread, small needle and a piece of roughly twisted cordage, I stitched the end of each 'branchlet' to the cord. There is a finite number of these branchlets and I've limited the maximum length of each of these hanging branches to 6 inches.

We'll see if I have enough materials here to make an impact.

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