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Clearing the Deck for New Work

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Happy New Year friends

Now that the Family visits are past, the turkey is finished and the cookies are eaten.......the household has settled and I've been able to turn my attentions to several unfinished or future projects.

Some are distant future, a workshop in May. Some are closer, a zoom presentation for the International Quilting Day. Haven't quite made up my mind on the last one yet but I have a few days left before I have to respond.

But today I actually finished something.

Back in December I worked on a series of backgrounds.

One was a mosaic. I finished that one first as I was eager to revisit that process.

The second was the tiling that became the background for my Whispering trees (Rackham). Lots of fun.

The last was a woven background.

While I was working on the mosaic Sunflower field I played with some flowers I constructed from organza. I put them aside because I felt they were out of character and too strong for the minute mosaic background.

But they came home to roost on the woven piece.

The addition of some 'just opening' juniors filled the field and balanced the big boys.

So now they're all done.

I can move on.

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