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Blooming Sunflower

Just as things don't always work the way you want, I had to back up with the petals. I found my original plan for using painted fabric fused to the black surface just didn't give the 'wow' factor I was hoping for.

I went back to some batiks I had set aside earlier and sewed dimensional petals, the two sides, a different fabric.

I started to sew them in place and then I stopped. The four pieces were going to be separated soon and for the ease of working with a smaller piece of fabric, now was the time.

The cutting guidelines for the flower center were extended onto the black velvet. Holding my breath I cut them apart.

Two rows were stitched at the petal bases. A small tuck was formed with the bottom row and the remaindering petals were placed to fill the and cover the black fabric.

Then I felt I needed more petals and used the pale yellow I had rejected at first.

That gave the petal mass additional bulk and brought the width of each quarter to a rough 10 inches.

They were fused into place before I realized I hadn't attached or even decided how to bind the cut edge. The two yellow petals on the outside were pealed off and partial finished with a satin stich and then reapplied and stitched onto the black leaving the cut edges accessible for binding.

The inner petals need a more secure attachment but I haven't decide whether to stitch or fuse. In the meantime, I have the size and the affect I was hoping for.

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