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And a Snowy (at last) New Year

I have another hobby besides the fibre and it could be argued as an art.

Though I'm late to the game I've collected/nurtured a few Bonsai, an art I've visited many times in my life, but not been in a position to do it justice.

The last few years however I started collecting once more.

I have a few, very modest, but I'm enjoying a "club" association with some collectors who are far wiser than I, but not necessarily old than me.

My husband gifted me a "bonsai" for Christmas.

We've laughed at this several time when we've crossed paths with this 'TOY'.

Its truly a puzzle, which I enjoy.

So while hubby watched his game this New Year's day, I crafted a lovely BONSAI!

First... one of my babies, roughly 5 yrs old.

And now, my wonderful eternal Bonsai (Lego). It only took 5? hrs.


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