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Summer's Last Hurrah!

While I'm waiting for a hard frost to finish the garden I decided to scratch another itch.

Its been well over a year since I visited Mosaic or chip in an art piece. Yesterday I walking through a flower stall in a local store and was astonished the price of 5 sunflower was $29.

Heat stopping that was.

So this small project is a mosaic of a sunflower field, pixilated if you like.

After a brief sortie out on the bike this morning, I retired to the studio and began cutting fabric into 1/4 in sq.s.

The fabric was backed with a light fusible, but that didn't make the cutting go any faster.

I'll finish the blue tomorrow and then get started with the placement and fusing.

The cutting on this commercial piece is going to be irregular so I can maximize the darker areas.

The sky and the sunflowers are pieces of my hand painted material. The yellow was a piece around the size of one of the blue cuts.

It took an amazing time to cut.

I'll finish the cutting tomorrow when I'm fresh and my hand isn't cramping.

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