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Painting Cloth at the end of the July

Actually, it's also painting at the end of some of my supplies.

I've used up a whole bolt of pima cotton over the last few years. This is the weave and polished weight that was very popular for men's shirts...........when ironing was a thing. LOL

I've switched to Muslin which is a very loose and course weave.

I also changed the type of cheesecloth.

We bought a small bolt of that fabric when my husband was doing a lot of preserving. It is a much denser cloth and better for that purpose.

So today's exercise was threefold.

  1. Use up old paint. (It's starting to smell!)

  2. Try the new fabric to see how they take up the paint and behave.

  3. Refresh my memory with some techniques. It's been a long time, and my stash of hand painted materials is getting very low.

The new cheesecloth ( the mop ) did give me some very interesting results. The test will be whether it can be incorporated as an over lay, or whether it will stand by itself.

The old pima cotton behaved as usual, resulting in nice deep colours.

red, orange and yellow

green, turquiose and yellow

With the new muslin, the colour is rich but the paint didn't flow as readily.

But this piece was rather extraordinary. (muslin)

I've been using this heavily sized Muslin with my etching prints and as it needs to be wet for that process, I found it can distort as it dries and it wrinkles like there's no tomorrow.

In some instances this may be an issue, but right now it's rather a delight.

Lots to play with in the future.

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