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Moving to the Foreground

Rainy Day.

At the start of assembling a piece with multiple colour zones I try to pick a background that best embodies the area, eg blue sky and multi brown/green foreground.

If I was working a very simple piece, a primitive finish would be to accept the multi as the ground and I would add branches and mushrooms over top.

But I like a little more detail and natural colour in my work. So today I started massaging the foreground.

The bottom of the tree trunk was left rough as there were to be a number of ferns covering it. As there are gaps in ferns I wanted the edges of the large roots to somewhat disappear under the forest duff before I added the feature items.

I started with a tiny amount of very finely cut confetti. It's so small that it can't be held with netting alone. To fix that, I overlaid the whole area with very thin whisps of carded yarn. The colour in the base material dictated in part what went where, but for the most part I used the original photo as a guide.

The upper horizon edge of mid ground was extended a bit farther with a different mix of cheesecloth and some tulle embroidered fern fronds.

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