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May 1

Updated: May 2, 2023

We got home almost a week ago and we're both still having trouble readjusting our 24 clock.

My sister suggested it was a day for each hour of flight. That seems to be the case.

However the only way back to any routine is to start the routine. I did a little gardening yesterday and my muscles are saying you can't walk for hours and sit on trains for two weeks and expect to be in fighting gardening form a few days later.

I think my age is showing! LOL

Thank heavens my son is coming over to day to do some heavy digging. That's a relief.

But it is May 1.

It actuality this is my 3rd Spring this year. When we arrived in France, Spring was just starting and a little behind the Spring in Switzerland. This is how they do Rhododendrons in Basel.

When we returned home Spring in Guelph is just really ramping up. That's a nice bonus. This year is starting like a normal spring for this area.

So for May 1 here's my front garden.

Yesterday I unwrapped the roses and the lavenders (successfully kept the rabbits at bay) and did a quick dandelion purge. I had taken the branches and the chicken wire off the garden surface before we left so all the alliums, narcissus and tulips were unhindered.

Added a few small modified tomato cages around my fledgling peonies and noted which new plants didn't make it through the winter.

Now I can sit and watch things unfold for a few weeks.

That said, I'm also making final preparations for a Landscape Workshop I'm teaching on Wednesday. I prepped and sent off all the worksheets before we went abroad so now I'm putting together some sample packs of interfacings and alternate materials that can be used in hoop work embroidery and also direct thread sketching or thread painting.

Talk about getting back into things in one giant leap.

I'll take some pictures at the workshop!

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