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I'm watching the snow fall.

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

It looks as though we may actually have a significant snow fall. That's not too bad for the last week of January.

I have managed to stay busy these last weeks. Primarily I've been organizing my thoughts and sorting out a schedule for assembling a few presentations that are coming up.

Though they are well spaced out, the fact I agreed to the 3 of them in rapid succession threw me a bit and my thoughts and ideas kept getting jumbled together.

The first is a little presentation for an Art Group I 'zoom' with once a month. It's in early February.

I had stumbled across an article about BARN QUILTS so decided to go with that and look at the history and meaning.

They are a resurrected Art form and now exist throughout most regions in Canada and the U.S.A.

Google this site for a road trip near you.

One of the interesting things I that came out of my research was the idea that quilts were used to mark the Underground Railroad that lead slaves, freed or otherwise to safety. It proves to be only a romantic notion.

The second event I'm trying to pin down in my head is a short < 1 hour, presentation about some of my methods I use to add dimension and realism to my work. That's due for March.

And the third event is a workshop in May. This was one that was cancelled long ago when Covid stopped all meetings. At the beginning of the pandemic I was unprepared to do a zoom meeting. I have done so since but I was happy to wait until the guilds were meeting in person again. I'm planning on doing something original for that, rather than redoing something.

In order to stop my head from buzzing and to improve my sleep I decided to join my friends in some slow work in the form of an on line free workshop ( hoping it would be a distraction ) that was decidedly free form and abstract.

Now, abstract is my Achilles heel ( one of them anyways ). My brain just can't see the way.

But I tackled it, assembled the piece, followed suggestions from the author and finished it today. (Thank Heavens)

Now I can for get about it.

Here's what I started with (acrylic paint) and how I finished it.

Instructions were to start with a large piece of fabric, mark it and cut it up before re-assembling and finishing it. I used a group of small pieces from the start.

Painted, cropped, stitched over, finished and DONE

I know when I gather with my friends some will have had a great time and produced some wonderful Art. Not I.

Time to move on.


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