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First Layers over the Colour Blocking

I'm a Confetti Junkie. I love how easily I can add spots of colour.

The fourth canvas that was discarded had a quick round of stitching. As all the pieces of the colour blocking were glue tacked only into place they needed to be stitched down so the piece would withstand being handled as part of a series.

Moving forward with the remaining 3, confetti was applied in very specific spots. The first round is meant to cover and soften the borders of those blocks applied yesterday.

This is still considered background so some thought should be given to perspective. There are trees and shrubs are identifiable but they don't command attention and for the most part will be covered. More muted colours fit here.

Again, the same materials are used in roughly the same way.

At this point some thought is given to the cabin structure. It is open through for the most part but still has a lot of vegetation visible, behind it.

Tomorrow one more disappears. These first steps are very important and they deserve to be showcased.

Hummmmmm which one will be set aside.

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